Behavior Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Therapy Overview:

Behavior Therapy is a teaching technique built on the learning principals of Behavioral Psychologists. Behavior Therapy can be used to teach wide a variety of skills including joint attention, play skills, speech and language, gross and fine motor skills, toileting, social skills, and academics. Behavior Therapy can also be used to manage problem behaviors from mild behaviors such as calling out in class to aggressive behavior. Behavior Therapists use reinforcement strategies such as praise, play, and rewards to make learning fun and enjoyable!

ABA Overview:

Applied in the term Applied Behavior Analysis refers to the practical application of research-based Behavior Analysis, a science of psychology. Research Behavior Analysts such as B.F. Skinner, have studied learning patterns for over 50 years, and have developed laws of behavior, which when followed and applied to real-life settings, prove significantly effective.

A hallmark of Applied Behavior Analysis is to clearly understand exactly which behavior is trying to be taught or changed and to frequently assess, through direct measurements, whether or not the child is meeting goals and expectations.

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