SOS Feeding Approach

Sensational Kids offers the SOS Feeding Approach

We can assist parents, teachers and families in mealtimes with their child.

What Does SOS Mean

SOS stands for Sequential Oral Sensory Feeding Program which involves a developmental and sensory approach to integrating foods into a child s diet. This approach incorporates Sensory, Motor, Oral, Behavioral/Learning, Medical, Nutritional factors and approaches.

Multiple Disciplines (Parent/OT/SLP/Pediatrician/Dietitian) collaborate to assess your child s needs; then the coordinating therapist incorporates findings to individualize mealtime therapy sessions. Parents actively participate to continue both at home and in clinical settings after thorough education from therapist. The approach involves a Systematic Desensitization approach that gradually takes a child through a developmental food hierarchy.

This method can transform child s behaviors and attitudes towards food in general, thus assisting in broadening the realm of sensory exploration, feel less stressed and anxious at mealtimes, and improve overall food intake.

Your child can benefit from SOS if he or she:

  • Struggles at mealtime in your home
  • Has a food range of less than 20 foods
  • Has poor weight gain or weight loss
  • Gags and/or coughs excessively during meals
  • Has oral motor issues or shows signs of tactile defensiveness
  • Is transitioning from tube to oral feeding
  • Has a low volume of oral intake
  • Has a limited variety or tastes and textures in their diet
  • Has difficulties transitioning to advanced textures
    refuses foods
  • Has maladaptive behaviors surrounding eating
  • Cries or arches at most meals
  • Has a history of eating and breathing coordination problems
  • Has parents who struggle at mealtimes

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